Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome, this is Roberto with the surf report from CR. It's cloudy and raining a little, we are ready for the second round. This is insame we have 37 CR surfos, 1 surfo from Panama, 4 surfos from Nicaragua who made it to the second round, Salvador and Guatemala they don't have any of them represnting their country they're out. We've got pretty good swell for this contest, It's overhead sometimes double on sets and the wind is onshore.

We have many chicks on the beach today, so I was doing my thing and I get some Ticas chicks for today. Check it out.

This chick was like falling in love when she saw me, if you do not believe me here is this shot. What does she want to say doing that?

The second round is finished, now we have just Roque representing our country. He made it to the quater finals, and we have now 14 surfos from CR, Roque from Nicaragua and Gary Sabedra from Panama.

What is that guy behind this chick thinking?

One more time Roque got robbed. He runned the quater final round with Gilber Brown and FEDERICO PILURZO from CR y Gary Sabedra from Panama. We still don't know what happened because Gary and Roque were surfing pretty good at the end the 2 Ticos avanced to semifinals. I saw Gilber wining the first place in this heat but I was thinking that the second place was betwen Roque and Gary 'cause the other guy just made one wave in 20 minutes. So Central America got robbed by the Ticos one more time. That sucks.

This is Nino Medrano who avanced to semifinals, he's a good surfo and he's also a good guy.

This is the most beatiful chick I saw in this contest.

So I am not sure to be at the finals becuse we are thinking about to get back to Nicaragua, anyway the champion we'll be a CR surfo because nobody from other country is in. Jason Torrez.

We'd like to give specials thanks to everybody who help us to have the Nica Team in this contest. Now all of them have a good experience and they know that they have to work pretty hard to be at internationals event. They are so proud because they know they made a good job in this contest and the next time they'll be here hopefully will be better. Special thanks to Ricardo Morales, Juanito and his wife and Ashley. Check back tomorrow.