Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 14, 2007

We've got Roberto here with the saturday surf report from Maderas. It's running about chest to head high on sets, the water is a little bit colder tham yesterday and the wind is light onshore. It've been cloudy all day long and raining pretty much, anyway we made it out to the beach.

Here is Erick "Pelo Bonito" Kambutito taking a nice right. This guy scored today.

Here is Carlos Caliente smacking the lip, he's sick but he keeps in the water to feel better. Hey Caliente, are you going big tonight?

How about Jf "El Friky" Dangla with the best bird style in Nicaragua. Maybe i should call him "Zopilote".

All right guys, that's all for today. "Pancho Sanchez" with a nice one to finish the day. Lucha is out!!!