Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 11, 2016

Hola mis amigos. I check the wave in the early morning to see how was working and I see this peak breaking and only seven surfers were out. The morning was cloudy and was raining, so probably the people were sleeping waiting for the low tide because the waves are more hole. Check the few surfer catching waves.

The wave have a peak rolling in lefts and rights. Some waves were short, after the drop was able to make a turn and after the wave was died in the deep water of the little lagoon.

This surfer have the peak only for him. He was taking all the waves, because the others surfers were beginners.

Some waves are a little bigger than yesterday, some waves looks a little overhead and the shoulder in the waves are good for turns.

This surfer was riding waves going left and right. He was the first one coming out the water, because he probably was satisfied to his morning session.

After everybody was out I was waiting for more surfers come to the beach and not body come, so I say What? There are some waves and not body surfing, I went out and my second wave have a tube, So "wow" my morning was great.

Here is a surfer working in his back side styke. He was just watching the high way until the wave end.

This surfer probably was taking more than ten waves with this shape. The waves were rolling fun, but i know all the rest of the surfer are waiting for surf later.

A lot of waves looks like this one with no rider. I found one bigger than this one and I recognize there is a tube coming and I made, normally all the waves were mushy during the tide coming up.

Someone rich or famous is ariving in a private Jet to the Mukul resort. """Hooo man""", Well I go to my house in my old truck but whatever. Life is good for every body so enjoy your life the most you can. Surf is one of the best thing in this world, so see you in the water soon. Armando Lopez is out.