Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 11, 2013

Swell dropped a tad today but it was still pretty solid out there.  I was trying to hit the beach early by I got caught doing some other stuff so by the time I got to the beach the winds were kinda going a little sideshore.  Overhead waves on the bigger sets and nice water.  Check it out!!!

Before we hit today's report we want to share a couple of sick pics of yesterdays session sent in by Rick Briggs from DondeXPhotography.  He took the challenge to take the camera in the water and sit in the impact zone for a couple of hours.  Big shout out to him!

Carlitos Calientes took a couple of mini bombas out there.  So stoked to get the helmet, it doesn't guarantee you that you will be safe but it gives you more confidence for sure.

Mel Melon Comelon paddled out and he actually was charging some nice ones.  Just his second time out and going for it.  Dale chavalo!

Here we have Mr Andrew Foster from the Surf Sanctuary setting up for the green room. He was sitting deep and hunting the barrel and once he nabbed a good one had to get back to work.

A couple of gems rolled in with no takers.  I bet somebody out there wants to have some of this, am i wrong?

Fresh off a back injury sustained at a mysto left point during the last big swell Oliver El Monito Soliz was going hard, as usual.  And here about to throw some buckets!

And Trinidad on the last shot, absolutely charging.  Check out the reef sucking up, if you fall your are done.

Big thanks to Mr Briggs for putting himself in the hot spot.  Keep up the good work amigo.  If you want to check more of Rick's photography you can hit him up at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/DondeX-Photography/187069671345808?fref=ts

Back to today's action, there was still plenty of size out there but the conditions were not cooperating.  Damien deep in the flats on his backhand.

The day was so cloudy all day long and actually it rained a bit right about noon, making our job a little tough.  Garret holding the rail on this little nugget.

A few rippers showed up and they were delivering some sweet maneuvers like this one.  Yeah man,!

Tony Z scored some of the better waves I saw coming in today.  Pull into that thing Tony rum, next time I wanna see you in the barrel, hahahahah!!!

The locals getting ready to jump out in the water.  Just seconds away from fun.

Chris from Florida was pulling into some small but nice barrels in the inside.  Welcome down Chris!

That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow.