Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hello everybody. This is the weekend surf report of NSR. The waves are breaking constantly. Three to four feet, good offshore wind and after a little rain the breeze feel good. Check it out.

The rights were breaking better today. The people in the water were positioned in the corner of this wave to made out some tubes. The peak was a little faster.

Well, when someone make a snowball in front you is hard. This time not was Matt Young.

I was checking the game of this kids. They enjoy too much the Ocean doing jumping back side in a shallow part on the beach. So safety!!!!.

There are a new crew of good surfers down here. Check some shot of the action.

The waves are good to make tricks. It is a little swell but no strong.

There are three rights working good. This is the right in front the river mouth with a good ramp.

The small waves have some power in the inside. This guy was ripping in this kind of wave. He was making three to four turns in just ten meters of wave.

This is the best one I saw in the morning. Check how the other two surfers we're enjoying this turn too.

We always learn some thing watching others people surfing. The surfer making the duck dive have a good view of this tube. My friend Oliver Solis teach me a lot in all the surf session we have together in special in the heavy waves.

A cut back. This grown are killing the small waves.

When the surfers know how read a waves, always found a trick to end a wave isn't good shape. This kids take advantage of every wave they taken.

Here is Lenin ( El Gato Volador ) surfing with sunglasses. This is why he don't see this wave is closing out.

Ok. Amigos. There is a swell in the horizon to the next week. We will see how this waves work until that time. Armando Lopez is out.