Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, July 12, 2016

 Hi there!!!!. Check the waves from today. From the morning to the afternoon the waves are improved. The peaks are working hard with tubes and a lot of good lines for tricks. Check some of the action today.

See this lines with surfers in the tubes was happen during all day. The waves go from three to overhead in some sets.

There are some waves in the north peak with fire. The waves start to be good from yesterday in the evening and now looks like will be better for this evening.

The visitors are watching and surfing some of this barrels. This surfer was out balance for this wave, but is good you see what you don't need to do. Not use the break, because this wave need you stepping on the accelerator.

With almost seventy years old, my good friend and my shaper Mr. tom Eberly was here surfing in longboard, like he was using shortboard.

Here is Tio Tom in a button turn, here he is looking how hit the lip of the wave. He walk slowly on earth, but he move faster on the waves.

Well, before went to surf, my uncle Tom eat four tacos and a burrito, so his stomach doesn't let him make the turn complete.

I remember my first days here in this beach long time ago and this man was already pulling into some sick barrel. He is Mr. Brown looking inside his room.

Check who looks our main peak. The wind is super light and the wave is like a dream. Today I feel so proud to live in this surf spot.

And I feel so proud too, to see this girl getting her first tube in the NSR camera. Here is India Reinartz in a nice shack.

She always was ask me if I see her in the tube and I say !!! Nouuuuppp!!!!, But here it is the true. India is the # 1 best surf girl in this beach.

Here is India cover complite for the courtain of this wave. I know she is good making cuts, but she always is looking for the tubes.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!!! Uraaaa Uraaaa. I think I'm more excited than her for this tube. Hahahahahaha.

We want to say good bye to one of good friend. Today is the last day of surf in Nica Land of this man, so we want you have good memories bro!!!, this is your Country too....., so come back soon.

He was sit down alone waiting for this right. The wave come every half hour, but probably he just was thinking about how much he gonna missing this place and after this nice gem come straight to him.

Like the champion!!!!. Mr. Brown made a good ejecution using his brake to fit well in this wave.

So, goodbye my friend. Check the surf report everyday for you start crying and come back soon for more of this.

Miss, Colen was riding some of the good left in the main peak. Check the shape of that wave. Today we consider one of the good day during our surf season.

Wowwwww. Ok mis amigos. Check the surf report tomorrow for see more of the new swell. Have fun!!!!, Armando Lopez is out.