Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 09, 2020

Welcome back for another edition of the surf report from paradise. Today I went the extra mile in order to give you a Land, Air, and Water shot report. Hope you enjoy!

First we will look at some shots from land, here is Devon getting a little cover up this morning.

Josh throwing some spray after getting tubed up all morning.

Jenna dropping in on a nice right, she was getting all kinds of waves this morning.

If you check the report often I'm sure you've seen Jett one of the youngest hardest chargers here, well this is Rio his younger brother getting a wave showing his big brother that he can shred too! Momma throwing the claim for the little man.

Okay let's take flight and see how it looks from up in the sky. What a cool angle looking down at the waves with that signature Nica offshore spray off the lip and the beautiful coastline.

Had the pleasure to meet this shredder in the water today, Doan out front making it look easy.

Josh is always good for some quality shots, whenever I pull up and see him in the water I know it's going to be a fun session.

Seth is a super chill guy but when he's on the wave he is typically on fire!

Eagle eye view of our little slice of heaven.

Flying high or diving down low I'll go wherever to get the shots. Let's take a look from the water.

Seth on takeoff stalling a bit to get that green room time.

Lindsey was charging some really sick waves this morning!

Ryan on his own shaped surfboard, check out Vana Surfboards to see his shapes and designs and cop one for yourself.

Here is a water shot of the man the myth the legend Doan, what would you do to have this be the wave 15 yards from your front door? So sick!!

Jenna on another sick wave this time from the water view.. what angle do you like best Land, Air, or Water?

Okay everybody that is all for today, it was a blast producing this report for you today! Send us a message on IG @surfnsr if you enjoy the shots or have ideas for how to get creative with it. I might have to surf with the gopro in my mouth to up the ante for the next time.. also a great excuse to surf for work lol Okay guys and gals have a great day, tune in tomorrow for Brian's report and I'll catch back up with ya'll on Saturday.