Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hola primos and bienvenidos to the Thursday surf report with Parker! Today was slightly cloudy with calm offshore winds and chest to head high surf. See for yourself!

I shot around lunch, which was a couple hours before dead low. I couldn't help but drool at right peak but I think this guy was even more stoked...

Well, maybe it's tough to see his facial expression if you're shooting down the line in the tube...

Yeww!! There is it! I would also be celebrating if I found a nice nugget.

This guy has been catching a ton of the waves during the past few days. Seems like the fruits of his labor are paying off!

A young grom wanted his fair share too and was killing it. Check out the sequence.

A nice frontside hand drag (or butt drag if you're backside) always slows you down into that sweet spot. Personally, I wouldn't mind being a foot shorter and 75 pounds lighter to capitalize on the low tide opportunities...

Judging by his tube skills and airs, you would think he's an older pro. Keeping throwing more crowd pleasers amigo!

Seth is a super friendly face around the area. I'm sure he has his hands are full with his business and family but he still finds time to get out in the water.

$20 says it'll be five or less years when his little girl Aria is tackling backside barrels like her pops!

Let's hear it for the men who pay for us younger guy's trips!! Ohh and by the way, way to smack the lip.

I respect the bigger guys who need to tuck into the barrels. Keep showing the smaller guys how it's REALLY done!

Maybe it's time for us to head out and snag a couple low tide tubes ourselves??

As you may know, a new swell is supposed to fill in this weekend. If you want to rent a moto (with surf racks) and hit a nearby break, we have you covered! All you need to do is swing by our shop or reserve one with me: [email protected] I appreciate y'all checking out the report today. Time to go catch a few waves myself.. Parker is out!