Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hola everyone!  This is Eric with an update from one of our favorite beaches!  The waves were very small again today.  Offshore winds though and a light crowd out there!  Good day to get wet if you havn't surfed in awhile.  Check it!

Juancito was out there with the camera this am getting shots for today's report.  Here he caught this unknown chica setting her line on this little lefty!

From a distance it looked like there could be a little size on some of these sets.  You had to be patient to get one of these though!  They were few and far between.

Rafael waited for one of those and it paid off!  This man is always sitting patiently waiting for the good ones!  He seems to get tubed everyday too.  Go figure!!

Here's Steve from the good state of California!  He was lucky enough to catch one of those better waves also..  Looks a lot like Raff's wave doesn't it?!

Back at the shop I was trying to get a photo of our rental boards but Juan and Melanie kept asking if they could be in the photo.  I finally gave in and took their photo.  Say cheese chicas!

At least the winds were light offshore all day and the water couldn't have felt any better..  Plus we all needed a little rest for the good swell coming up.  We should start seeing great waves by tomorrow and then it's all uphill from there!  Be sure and stay tuned with us here at NSR because we will be capturing all the action of this upcoming swell!  Looks like there will be plenty of it too!!  Keep it real until then!