Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, July 01, 2011

We went to check out the action at the bay, right out from in San Juan del Sur but there was not much going on.  The bay was absolutely uncrowded and there were not many waves to ride.  It’s been raining a lot lately and that brought some onshore winds as well.  Check it out!

The winds were howling onshore last night, we had an electric storm and a lot f rain.  Usually that makes a few disturbs in the bay and last night wasn’t an exception.  Broken boat on the beach!

We want to give a big shot out to NSR guest Bryan of Easton sports who sent down 2 shipments of killer baseball gear for the Astillero team.  Last year NSR and Gorgeous George teamed up with students and staff from the Cape Henry School in Virginia Beach to build a new back stop for the Astillero baseball team.  Last week, we made a special delivery-  shipment of bats, gloves and batting helmets for the team.  Bryan- the team was STOKED and wants to see you in the stands next month!!

Did we say sweet gear?  Thanks a lot Brian and keep up the good work!

Since we didn’t have much around the bay we took a quick ride to Playa Maderas and this is what we found.  Unknown rider picking up a decent shoulder!

Unknown beginner, trying to hit the top of this mushy one.  At least there was something to ride!

We want to share this pic sent in by Scott from Fl.  He hooked up a monster grouper, as you can see on this photo.  He was super lucky to hook it up but we think it was because he was wearing one of our sick jerseys. 

The Nica team just made it back from Panama, and Corage went straight to the water.  Trying to get on the nose!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please, make sure to check us back out tomorrow!