Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hi everyone, this is Lucha Libre with the Wednesday surf report from one of the most popular spots down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were fun today running about chest to head high on sets and the wind was perfect offshore all day long.  Check out what we got for you guys today!!!

We had some nice waves coming through all day long but it looks like everybody was not worried about to ride them, everybody wanted to destroy them apart.  Check forward and find out what we are talking about.  On the first surfing shot of the day we have “El Sandwich” showing us his fins.

Our very own Pancho Sanchez wanted to show the little boys how a real surfer does it.  He is one of my favorite man fans to see in the water when the waves are really fun because he still can kill them.

This is Dion from Australia giving some extra work to his fins.  Today was like a man fan fest out there.   This will be 6 points for sure because he made like 3 of those on the same wave.

There were a few accidents out there as well.  Hey Mariel, we hope your foot is well after that hit you get this morning.  Please if you are a beginner don’t paddle out in the impact zone.

This is Micah from Encinitas and he was having a great time on this twin fin Hobie! Dude you gotta let me try that thing!

But I think the bubble bee will be way more fun to ride.  Check out how sweet that thing is.  It’s like a big beehive of honey.

On the last shot of the day we have Scott from Fl doing the best to have fun on this little nugget.  Alright folks, that’s all for today please check back tomorrow.

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