Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, June 06, 2020

The sun was shining bright again, the plants are greener then ever, the sky was painted blue and there were some windows of waves. Today was a good day. Come check it out!

Manny must've gotten some good waves today, this was as I was walking onto the beach to shoot and he was taking this wave in so I'm guessing it was good before I got there too.

I could just spend the whole day at the ocean and do it over and over again. Luckily here at SurfNSR that's exactly the agenda.

Mystery barrel surfer of the day!

Josh was one of the handful of guys out today for the morning session, was pretty damn nice for a few hours this morning before the wind started to turn.

Beautiful weather and beautiful girls, I'm sure they'd be smiling my way whether I had the camera or not. Jajaja I joke, Eugenia and Martina enjoying the sunshine and the show the surfers were putting on too.

Kai was ripping today like always, I'm sure he's got some sick barrel footage from today.

For example, here we have Kai in his happy place.

Can you guess who this might be?

Chris is an awesome dude that is blessed to live here and is the owner of Don Eloy's Restaurant located on the 2nd floor above the NSR surf shop. Make sure to check them out and try the Mongolian beef or some wings and their in-house ranch, highly recommended.

Kai was having his way with the waves today. Yeah broski!

There are still some stormy weather patterns that could be hitting us in the next few days, let's hope that we stay dry and get the brighter side of the forecast. (pun intended) "What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.." - Joseph Addison Let's make sure that with everything going on in the world we take our masks off and smile at each other from time to time. Love Peace Unity