Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, June 06, 2016

Hello my friends. The tide is going out in the morning and the wind was light. So we were checking the waves to see if there are some decent waves and check it out. There are some fun waves.

The forecast say there are three swells from 207*, 213* and 216* with two to four feet of average, so this made some pretty good waves. The water is stell brown, but we know the onshore wind will come later, so we go surf now.

Here are some of the good rights in this peak. The crowd was using two peaks with a little bit of A frame.

Not kidding!!!. These surfers were out for two hours and the waves were coming constantly. Yesterday before the sunset the waves were fun, so probably today will be the same, because the wind is calm down after four PM.

The locals came back from the surf contest and they were surfing really early today. They now recognize how blessed they are with his local beach. The waves in others place of nicaragua are good, but not like this one.

Almost low tide and this peak have some left and right. If a big swell come this peak will be amazing. I think the sand bank down there is hard, because is really solid, it's making wave for almost two week.

Scott catch some waves over there. He was taking a good speed in this small wave. Check the cut he made after this button turn.

Scott take a few waves and he made some cuts like this one in every wave, so he come back home early. After execute some tricks like this one the morning should be done.

This visitor found a good left. This left have a short shoulder , but really tapered, so that made the turn in this wave really fast.

Check this..... This surfboard look really strong and brand new. And this beach, even in small day have the power to broke, whatever surfboard build in this world.

This surfer probably is learning to make cuts. Check how he made this one, not bad at all ehh!!!!.

Oscar is number four in the Nicaragua surf ranking in the open category, so congratulation bro!!!!!. This is why he is flying!!!...


He can make air in both directions. Everytime he come back of the surf contest he put the level one step up.

Ok. Thanks for check the surf report. Armando Lopez is out. I think the waves will be good again. Adios amigos.