Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 06, 2019

What's going on ladies and gents?! How are y'all doing today? Hopefully ready for the weekend! This is Parker uploading this morning surf shots. Check em out!

It's always tough waking up super early to surf, but when have you ever regretted it? Today we got up early to hit a nearby reef for this long period swell.

Heather, what is this massive bottom turn setting you up for?...

Dang Hace Queso!! Tearing that lip apart!! Who deserves the credit for this hack? Fist pump fitness? Chantel's peanut butter chia energy balls? Or those epic St. Auggy waves y'all have been enjoying all winter?

Isn't there a famous saying that goes something like: Happy [boss/superwoman/NICA mom], happy life. With her, the answer is always yes, let's take a boat.

Today wasn't really about us though- it was about the crew staying in the NSR Beach House. These guys have been great to us and we like to think we've been great to them so we wanted to stoke them out on a boat. Here is one of my favorite shots of Jay cheering Lyle into his WOTD.

The Hitman cruising down the line on his Monstah Chief taking no prisoners. It was an early morning so we were all a little stiff on our first waves.

Lyle, I forgot to mention how long the paddle back out here is. By the end of the morning, we were aimlessly calling for Ana Lucia and Terra (our in house massage ladies).

Seeing Jay stuff one under the lip definitely helps the paddle back out...

How about these two love birds? Mike and Dave. Bromance at it's finest.

Y'all have stayed with us what? Was it 11 or 12 times? Or for 11 or 12 years? Whatever the exact number is, we're always so stoked to host y'all. Except Salvadorra, she is stoked and a half to be cooking y'all's meal plan.

For the first couple of times, I deemed Jay as the funniest guy in the gang. Maybe he should be deemed best surfer in the group too?

But ummm Dave takes the title. Jay on the right, Dave on the left, and two funny great guys.

The right is fun and sets up for a great final section but Dave pumped through to the inside. That mental (ankle) brace is really helping, huh?

So this wave is a long rippable left reef point. Turns turns turns!! But keep your eye out for those insiders featuring a little cover up section.

Jay may take the title for a few things but with a face like that, Dave wins best looking. Post tube #drip

Alright Jim Mike, I see you scrapping for the wave. Show us whatcha got bro.

On a serious note, my hat is off to this hombre. The other 3 guys are all established businessmen but Mike is a middle school math teacher. No wonder you put up with the other guys so well (patiently)!

And we like your carves too man!!

This wave is rad: leg burner on all the turns then a shoulder burner to paddle back out. Rinse and repeat until you can't surf anymore.

One last carve for this 30 photo sequence.

Before we wrap things up, we want to give a shoutout to Jason. Turns out it's a small world with a ton of mutual friends- almost as many friends as turns on this long left. Good to meet you today and hopefully see you around in the water some more!

Alright ladies and gents, I want to leave you on this last shot. I know it's a small insider but I love the shape and the wave's curve/line through the frame. I hope it you like it too but hey, we hope you have a great upcoming weekend! In the meantime, we're going to go enjoy some great surf right out front here. Dale pues amigos!!