Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi fellas, welcome to our daily surf report.  We are Lucha Libre and Miguel bringing you a little bit of the action we had on the beach.  Today we went to the beach in the morning trying to take advantage on the tide and wind conditions because we were supposing to get ONSHORE WINDS but we didn’t.  The waves were running about waist to chest high on sets with light offshore winds and the tide was already going out when we got there.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was almost empty this morning, I guess not many people knew about the forecast and wind conditions.  Anyway, we only had 3 guys out enjoying the whole beach to themselves.  Here we have one of them looking down the line of this small but beautiful left.

Sometimes a few guys just go to the beach to take a nap and take a deep breath to kill the huge hangover from the night before.  I bet the party was going off last night dude, wasn’t it?

A couple of beautiful girls also showed out to the beach, trying to get a nice tan.  Ladies night tomorrow night at the disco ladies, make sure to ask for our old friend Kambute.  He’s the man!!!

We had a few beginners out in the lineup, making their best to catch some waves.  Check out this guy going big with a late take off on this peak.

Have you guys ever seen a lady fishing with a hand line?  Only the local girls from San Juan del Sur know how to do it!

NSR is proud to help the community out.  This group of students from high school got sponsored with 10 NSR’s Shirts.  They are part of a Volleyball Team that is participating in a departmental league.  They all are between 14 and 17 years old and they were so stoked with the shirts.  Hope we can help more kids in the future so we can keep them away from bad habits.

On the last action surf shot of the day we have this beginner picking up one of the cleaner waves of the day.  Hope we can score some bigger waves tomorrow.

The new swell should start hitting us tomorrow afternoon so make sure to stay on with us.