Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome everybody to the Wednesday surf report. Us interns and “Godfather” headed to the beach hoping for some fun waves. On the way out there we drove by some epic views overlooking the beach. We took a few of these shots then jumped in the water. It was only waist high on sets. It was small, with ultra clear water. It was a good day to go out and goof around. Check it out!

Here is another sweet view of the line up. The water was so ridiculously clear. When we were up on this cliff looking down we could see every rock and all the fish swimming around them. We were real bummed we didn’t bring any of the dive gear. Next time….

Right when we walked up there was a group of Chica Brava girls out there. This one was just shredding these small waves a new one. I was honestly intimidated to paddle out.

Here is Jose “Corage” Hernandez fading into one of the better set waves. The longboard was the call today. It was about as small as it can get here and still be surfable. This guy was zipping around everyone getting the best waves.

Since it was so small it was a good day for beginners to get out there and try different waves riding tools. We caught this girl take this wave all the way in going sideways. Not an easy thing for anyone to do, much less a first timer!

“Godfather” and “D-Lite” were out there trying their newest tricks. Here they successfully transferred boards and rode this wave tandem for a good 20 meters until the inevitable happened! The next step is for one of you to lift the other above your head and ride in!

Alright, for the last shot of the day we got this guy high-lining on a fun little right. Well, the swell is supposed to bump up a little tomorrow so hopefully the wind doesn’t change on us. The rainy season could start on us any day now and change the wind to be unfavorable. We got our fingers crossed that the contest this weekend has good conditions. Check back, peace!

This just in from our friends over at Surfari Charters.  Capt. Lance Moss and his dad went out and slayed a HUGE mackerel the other day.  It looks like it's only a tad smaller than the one we got - HA!  Just messing with you Lance!  Nice fish.

The guys over at Surfari can spearfish too.  Here's a couple of nice Red Snapper looking fish to prove it.  We look forward to lots more fishing shots from Surfari Charters over the next couple of months when we move into the real fishing season.  Thanks to Erin O'Kon for sending in the photos.  Keep 'em coming guys!