Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Hello and welcome to the daily surf report this Thursday we have some stormy weather that is putting a damper on the conditions. As of now we have swell in the water but it is jumbled and onshore.. hopefully it cleans up later and we can get some good waves for an update.. check it out.

You can see how the very rare onshore winds here do a doozy on the conditions.

Everybody checking the waves and hoping to get something ride-able, everyone still full of stoke though!

The weather report is calling for a couple of days of heavy rain, typically during rainy season it stays pretty nice and the rain falls at night.. every once in a while we do get a storm that changes it all up

There was one guy out shredding at Panga, well he came in after this wave which was the first wave I saw..

He was able to ride it all the way to the sand

A good day for birding

Okay ya'll I'm putting the camera away for now and gonna hope for a clean window later.. I'll do an update if we get some goods.. Cheers :)