Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Welcome back to a special edition surf report from Nicaragua! We went to a secret* point break spot this morning and caught some real fun waves with some friends and had a great start to this humpday Wednesday. Baldo is off traveling so I will be moonlighting this report today and figured I would bring you something a little extra. Come in and check it out.

If you would like to make a trip out to this wave let me know and I can arrange for you as we have a couple of options in order to make it happen for ya.

This wave is a favorite of a many a surfer that make the voyage to Nica myself included.

It is a beautiful left point break that gives waves of a few hundred yards and will burn your legs before burning your arms on the paddle back out in the channel.

Rob was spraying his water gun around the lineup this morning! Yeeew

Just long lefts that keep on peeling for daze.

Getting to the spot and seeing the wave you start to get that excited feeling as you know you are in store for some super epic fun rides.

This guy was getting down out there showing off some serious bro-deo skills riding that bull wave.

Here a hack there a hack everywhere a hack attack.

Yeeeeeew dudey! Sick style sick waves super fun morning. Contact me your Guest service rep/ surf photographer/ all around chill guy lol and I will make sure to set you up for a score session. Morning, Afternoon, and Evening the forecast is looking good.. How would you like to have 1-2 meter waves with 10-15 MPH offshore winds and water that is about 85F so book your tickets and get yoself down here so you can be part of the report rather than just looking at it. Yeeeew!! Hasta Pronto Amigos!