Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hello primos. The waves are good in the morning because the offshore wind in soft and the tide is coming up 06:45 AM. The sets are shoulder high and come constantly. The waves never stop breaking. There are waves every single minute. Last night was a party in this zone, so not too many people in the line up. Check it out.

Some friends from Rio grande do sul Brazil are here and they were the only surfer paddling out. Here are Fabiano, Maicon, Lucas and Fabricio. They are so stoked with the conditions of the waves.

The youngest surfer in the crew ( Lucas ) found some good waves. Surely he never will forget his surf trip to Nica Land.

Maicon was taking more waves than everyone else. He was making turns all the way to the beach. Imagine how many turns he made in this wave.

This is Fabrizio in one of the many good rights that surfing this morning. He had very lucky or knew choose the best waves. Or both.

No kidding!!! here is in another one. Look the same wave, but is the shape of all the waves of he get today.

One of the best left were for Lucas. He was in this long left that left him in front of the door of his condominium, located a hundred meters north of the main peak.

Fabiano was the ripper today. These guys went out to surf in the morning and in three hours had run many waves. Possible over what they have in a month in his country.

Alicia from the wonderland participate in the Nicaraguan derby, versus one of the best horse back rider and she win for more than a body of distance.

He asking for the revenge and Alicia wind again!!!!! It should be the horse that she uses is better.

Ok. Amigos. Was a really good day for us and will be better because it is a party tonight again!!!! So see you tomorrow probably we surf in the afternoon. Armando Lopez is out and the cuatro amigos tambien!!!!