Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hello everybody. The waves are shoulder high and a little soft. The offshore wind is light, the colors in the water are very beautiful. There are a lot people in the line up today because the waves aren't big and today is Sunday Funday so everybody wants a party wave (not really haha). Some good sets are coming with  good rights, but the lefts were better and some have tubes. Check it out.

We also have good rights on the sandbar. Great tube Lester!

Here is the pretty Melissa from Hawaii. She is showing off her tricks and her sponsor named Pakaloha in O'ahu.

Corey Thompson is a professional surfer from Billabong and Sunrise Surf Shop in Florida and he is surfing our break. With the offshore wind, he is tearing it up with some airs!

Here is the cute Alicia also from Pakaloha in Hawaii. A lot of girls are surfing but she is ripping and showing them up.

All the girls are surfing better than our guys!!!! Don't get in their way guys.

Here is Chocoyo going vertical. He wants to go high enough to get his fins above the wave.

In the last two weeks, we had a ton of rights. Now, our sandbar is shifting a little and creating some great lefts.

Here is our proof for our amazing lefts! Carlito is tucking in for the barrel.

Yewwwww!! Carlos always has great tubes.

Armando and Parker, aka the Sunday team, are finished for the day. Stay tuned for tomorrow. Peace!