Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yo Yo Yo, this is Chewy with Roporte del Norte. The waves are looking good, well overhead sets for sure. I took the camera in the water, later I found out that you couldn't. So these pictures are worth a lot. Check it out

I was swimming out and this guy tried to hit me! hey watch out yellow shirt.

Pancho was out there for a minute. He dropped into a good set wave really late. Check him out dropping in under the lip! Can't believe you landed that!

Some of the locals were out. For sure they have the place on lock.

This is our buddy Dario from San Juan surf and sport! He was catching a bunch of waves out there. It's Chewy deal days Dario!

this guy was way closer than this looks. He almost took my head off!

This is Backside Bob dropping in on a good right! This is Chewy sized!

This is our buddy from England ( the channel islands ). He was ripping today.

Steve Snyders was out there dropping in on some big waves. He's the only guy I know that double paddles into double overhead waves

Here's a guy pumping past me. He was flying down this wave.

The light wasn't perfect but we made it work ,shooting into it. This guy got drained on this wave!

Pacho couldn't stay out of the barrel. He caught this wave and ran down this barrel. Watch out for that lip.

I saw an anteater walking down the road. I jumped off my bike and scared it into a drain. So all I got was this picture. Crazy!

Probably my best water shot yet. It's no Come Pan but The light on this looks awesome.

This is our buddy Goyo. Hey man if you want this photo (we have a couple) they are on the house! We owe you for that bomb Snapper dinner! Thanks Man! The waves should be pumping tomorrow so check back. North Florida out!