Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello my cousins!!!. I want to show you who was working the swell from 212* and eighteen second period. We have our third day of rain of this year and the water it's warm and have super nice color. Check it out.

There are waves coming almost all the time, but the sets were coming every twenty minutes of difference. Here is one left from one of the sets.

This surf spot was one of the first of be famous in Nicaragua, because the left have a overhead drop, a tube in the middle of the way and a sick wall for turns. Today this spot was working making his name keep famous.

Some waves were aggressive and someone's like this one were glassing and have a super clean ride. The direction of this swell for sure was special today. This spot was good for almost four hours.

This surfer was making open turns and he was keeping the speed all the time. There are rain every hour during the morning, so the waves were glassing for a moments.

The outhere reef of this beach have some waves clean and makeable. But the inside was the best.

My buddy Carl almost was in a waterfall. He was watching to our friend Mike in the bottom to made sure all the calculations of the speed and the elevation are true for don't have a accident.

What is the best things to see in the morning?. This green wall of this left or the light green walls in the office?. Carl can tell you the true.

Looks like at Mike don't like the green of this wall, so he put white pain in spray. This sound like this,,,,Baaaaaaannnngggggg!!!!!!.

Not just once time. Every time I see Mike doing a bottom turn, I know one big splash in the critical part of the wave is coming.

Ho ho!!!!. Some one broke his board!!!!. Poor man he can't be in the playground. I don't broke my board, but the waves almost broke my body twice. I fell front two waves and that was all for today.

Also we have a mix of good rights is some sets. The right have perfection in every single wave.

But the left, the left was the left. You know what I mean?

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!. This one have fire!!!!!...

Right now my lower back is with pain for have a wipeout probably like this one. I feel like a car after a collision.

This buddy probably is feeling the same pain but in his neck. The lip in the left was aggressive in some cases.

Some others surf spot were messy and full of current, because all the water is moving in the ocean is making some rip current, but this spot was insane. Remembers this swell direction and period.

Here there are some cuts during the rain. The biggest waves have better shape, I don't see waves closing up.

Here is Carl in another left. The ramps of this reef breaks are some of the best in this zone for make turns.

Ok. Mis amigos. The swell is going down tomorrow, but not too much, so we hope to see some waves overhead. Have a good day, Armando Lopez is out.