Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey fellas. This is the tuesday report. Today I have two work for describe the surf condition. ON FIRE. A nice offshore wind and solid 8 foot waves. Perfection and consisten all day long and everybody get out of barrel.

Check how one of the right work today. Can you imagine better shape?

5 points were working today. Only one left was working, but check the line. Just perfect.

A group of guy in boogie board were here and they were in to the pipe machine.

Every 5 minute sets brings this type of wave and they were killing. 

I think they was so happy to surf this point. For two hours, they charging more than 20 waves.

This is just a small sample of the wave called by locals "Caracol".

Here is Carl sharpening his back side style for this season. I call the spider cat. will stick to the wall really well.

After the last session in our out there reef in Popoyo. Pancho Sanchez don't be  afraid of the bombs, because one exploded in front his face. Was of 20 kilotons. This wave for him is only a toy.

Was a party of tube. Every wave look the same, but you can see no is the same guy.

Now you believe this place was on fire. This guy had more than 3 tube like this.

Until Tony Z which is the most bad surfer of all of us who live here. He get pipes. Impressive.

I sorry. Maybe there are other person more bad as Tony. He get the wipeout of today. Huy huy.

This is one of the best barrel today. This wave was beautiful.

Although we cannot see. Oscar goes here. Every day is having a good tube.

Some guys were learning to get out of the barrel and some did it.

Don't were easy but were possible.

Mateo always have barrel, today he had 4. I think it's because I gave him borrow my green shorts.

The boys in boogie boarding charging the heaviest waves. If you can see this guy in the impossible get out. It was a little sick.

Gary was in a deep barrel today and a small surgery in his leg by Dr. Mr. fins.

The amusement park for those who practice the longboard was on fire too. I saw rolling waves for over 100 meters long.

Ok my friends. I hope you have not bored with these pictures. Check the report tomorrow. Let's see what happens. Armando Lopez is out.