Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello and welcome back for a gloomy addition of your Thursday NSR surf report.  The morning started with the first rain storm of the year.  It was coming down pretty hard at first light.  After the rain cleared we had super glassy calm conditions.  The waves were running waist to chest high with some occasional head high sets.  It was cloudy and dark all day.

There were quite a few unridden waves coming through.  The crowd was super light even after the storms cleared.

For those lucky few that were out it was like a skatepark out back.  This guy was taking full advantage of the conditions.  Shot 1

Shot 2  Nice approach on this hack.

Shot 3 The finishing move.  Money Shot!

I just couldn't believe how glassy it was.  I paddled out after taking a few and it was almost hard to judge the sets coming through,, It was like butter!

Here's one of the best lefts I saw come in all morning.  What could you do on that thing?

Not sure who this unknown is but I snapped a couple of great sequences of him.  This was quite a long barrel but I just picked the ones I liked best from it.  Shot 1

Don't worry he came out clean.  Nice ride hombre.

That's going to do it for today.  The light was not so good today for photos but hopefully tomorrow the sun will come out and the waves will be firing off.  I'm going to leave you with a shot of our friend Todd.  Big swell coming soon so stay tuned in.  This is D-Lite signing off and as always.... PAZ!