Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey boys, Lucha Libre is here with your Monday surf report.  I took a ride up north this morning, but I got a little late to the action.  Everybody woke up super early and they were already done with their first session, and as you can see they were pretty stoked.  Making a toast at 9:00 am, you gotta be super happy to be down here right now.

When I got to the beach, this was the only guy out and actually this was his last way to come in.  This shot came out pretty good, uh. 

This spot was a little weird today so we decided to change locations and I think we make a good call.  Do you like this view?

Terry loves it for sure and he was having a blast out there.  Is that move includes Yoga?  Never saw that move before in more than 7 years shooting!

The right out there was going off, as you can see.  Unknown rider going off the top on this sick right hander.

John from San Diego was taking advantage on some of the better waves we had rolling in.  Nice and clean right rolling all the way in!

I came back to the beach break to check what was going on there and this is what we found.  Lenni pig doggin’ a nice little nugget on his backside.  This guy has been surfing probably for about 8 months and he is already getting into some little rooms. 

The wave machine was still looking good down south right before dark.  Nothing better like a sick surf session at sunset.

Right before sunset there were a few makeable at the beach break but this one came in with no takers.  What a shame!

The boys from New York staying at the NSR Beach House on the last shot of the day.  Every day the sunset gets better and better at this place.  Peace!!!

This just in, we got a couple of killer shots sent in by Mateo El Generoso who did a great job out there in the water.  Check out the lineup!

Unknown rider finding himself a nice shade in this peeler.  Great work Mateito!!!

One last shot from Guineito, now a sick hack right in front of the camera.  Thanks for the pics my friend!