Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 30, 2011

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What's up people?  This is Eric with your Saturday surf report.  The waves were fun this morning.  This beach was loving the low tide and we had some head high waves with nice offshore winds.  Check it!

I took the water camera out early and snapped some pics up close.  This is Dana getting all covered up on this hollow little section.

There were a lot of peaks showing up all over this break.. It helped to spread the small crowd around and everyone got some fun ones!   This guy snagged himself a sweet little right.

Aviad "Javi" Sasi paddled out this a.m. and caught some good waves.  Here he his throwing it down with some power!

This is the definition of a head-dip!  More like a head-dunk on this one.  Stylin' out!

D-Lite was hangin' with some gremlins on the beach.  Riley and Oscar, listening and learning from our man D-Licito.

Looking through the trees I spotted Dana doing his thing on nugget of a left.  Here's the first shot of a sick frontside hack.

Uhh!  Displacing some water from that wave huh Dana? 

Anthony from Cali was pulling into some tubes out here.  Working on his backside and setting up for the barrel.

This man was dodging some traffick on this wave.  You can tell that we had some decent sized sets coming through!

I feel like the surf report isn't complete with no wipeout shot!  Anthony getting airborne while being barreled without his board.

How does this look for a nice chill spot?!!  Loungin' in the hammock on a nice beach, in front of a sick little wave.  That's where I want to be!  We'll be back tomorrow with another report right from the beach...  Thanks for checkin' us out!  Chaio