Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 30, 2010

The rainy season is on!  Today it was raining pretty much the whole day, the rivers were flowing and everybody had to use umbrellas to go work.  The surf conditions were the same, onshore winds and head high wave on sets.  Check it out!!!

Not worried about the rain, we made it to the beach to snap a couple shots of the action we had out there.  As we said before there were some head high wave on sets and we were surprised that a lot of people paddle out.  Here we have a shot of the lineup just to let you know how it was.

The locals love these kinds of conditions, since they do not have to get burn because it wasn’t sunny many of them made it out.  Here we have Augusto with a cool frontside snap on this right.

A good amount of international surfers made it out as well, and a few of them were ripping it up.  Check out this guy with a nice looking slash on this sweet left hander.

The rain was pouring for about 3 consecutive hours, so there was some water getting stuck in front of the NSR Headquarter.  Lucha had to go out and get wet to make a little ditch so the water could go through it.

There were some nice little nuggets with nice form.  Here is caught this guy picking up one of the better ones.  This guy was all smiles after he got this one!

“La Bestia” Calderon was shredding all over the place.  Check him out sliding the tail with a solid backside maneuver on this left.

Sometime it is really fun to do some splash when we have some rain.  These kids were loving it this afternoon.  They all were jumping around and having a good time!

“La Baloy” Chamorro was having a blast out there.  Now he is more used to ride these kinds of waves because he’s been traveling around Central America lately and this exactly how the waves are.  Here he is digging a nice bottom turn on this one.

On the last shot of the day we have “El Corage” Hernadez trying to do a hang five on this one.  Actually he scored some really long waves on that thing!  Please check us back tomorrow.