Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello and good night everybody. We have a special day with the girls of SwellWomen. We went to have fun in one of our paradisiac place for surf in this area. This place is so protected for the wind and the big waves of the swell. We have a super fun day. Check it out.

After a Yoga session and meditations in the morning these girls are ready for be in the sun and tropical water with nice waves. We have everything ready, so go!!!!.

The waves conditions are good all the time in this place, so all the crew, paddle out and wait for his wave in the sets. Here is Wendy L. She have a tons of great rides in this left.

But she have some of this too.... Well, everything is part of the surf. When we are learning, the chance of have a wipeout is %50 / %50.

Katerine was one of the best surfer girl in the water. She was riding a shortboard today. She was catching all the waves of the SUP surfer.

I think Cindy ride the longest waves in the morning. This is her second surf retreat and I can see the big avance of her in this year compared with the last year. congratulation Cyndy.

WWWWoooowwww. Here is Wendy M. Here she stand up early and is watching the highway to the beach. We were surfing for about two hours and everybody was getting more than one really good wave.

All this surf experience is possible thanks to Lulu. She surf and love the idea of visit paradisiac places all around the world and have this kind of life experience. Good idea!!!!.

I think the surf is not a simple sport. When we start to surf, we experiment some sensations of very satisfactory, our body fell in love. Feel the naturals element surround us and feel of we can dominate, is awesome. Here is Theresa having a great surf experience in Nicaragua.

The water was fresh and we have a lot of audience on the beach screaming every time we have a great waves ride. Here is Lisa, she is going on this beautiful wave all the way to the beach. What a fun day, we have!!!!...

Hooo. After all the energy of we spend doing surfing, we pass having lunch in the most famous place for eat in this zone. Here we are in Yolanda's Cafe. I think we charge the battery too much. After the lunch our measurer say ( 200 % ). Well, we was ready for a nap...

Ok. Was another amazing day in this beautiful country. We want to say goodbye my people and see you tomorrow. Have a great day. Armando Lopez is out.