Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome to our daily surf report.  This is Lucha Libre here throwing a couple shots in from somewhere in the pacific coast of Nicaragua.  The waves were kinda fun this morning, running about chest to head high on sets, with nice offshore winds and the water was nice.  Check it out!!!

I drove up north to snap a couple of cool shots of this crew from San Francisco.  They do not get to surf very often, but they decided to give it a try during this trip.  Happy family with my very good friend Miles!

Ben was working in the inside section and was able to pick up some clean ones all the way in to the beach.  He looks super excited, uh!

Jose working on his backside style ride on this little nugget.  He came down a couple of weeks ago on a school trip, and now he’s back surfing.

Mamita also paddled out and got a couple of nice rides as well.  Nice background, isn’t it?

Papito racing down the line of this nice sized left hander.  He was stoked because all his family was having a good time.

There were a few other guys in the lineup, picking up many fun ones.  Check out this pal digging his tail deep on his backside bottom turn.

A few rippers were out destroying every single wave they caught.  Nice slash buddy!!!

It was so nice to see everybody sharing the waves.  Even the bodyboarders were able to catch some.  Check out this one flying over the top.

The bodyboarder wasn’t the only surfer that was flying.  How about this dude trying to land this small but sweet frontside air.

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.

Here we have some of the action we had on the beach in San Juan Del Sur.  We walked around to the beach and we caught some different perspectives of life down here in Nicaragua.  Check out this shot where everybody is having a good time.  Enjoying the Semana Santa my friends!

We had a lot of people enjoying every day of the week.  The tides are pretty big right now but that is not sttoping anybody.  Eveybody is happy and that what is all about down the beach.

On the last shot of the day we have these guys working very hard watching all day long in the water that every people enjoying of this calm and wild Semana Santa without any problem.  Good job dudes!