Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 21, 2012

This morning I woke up super early and made it to the beach, hoping to beat the onshore winds.  We had the third day of onshore winds in this 2012 but it was super light in the morning and we took advantage on that.  Chest to head high sets were rolling in and the water was super nice, clear and warm.  Check it out!!!

Christian was one of the first guys out this morning and he was able to score some of the better ones.  Check him out charging on his backside.

Colin made it out early as well and he was ripping all over the place.  Cool backside snap on this little nugget.

The rights were holding up better, so everyone out there was mostly going right but there were a few nice lefts to be taken as well.  Unknown pelon rider deep in the flats with a sweet bottom turn.

A few knee boarders paddled out and they were having a blast.  Hot drop into a nice right hander!

It looks like the waves were super fun down the beach too.  Perfect to take a big board out!

Later on, a couple of cute chicks showed up to the beach and they paddled out right away.  Renata stretching out, just seconds away from fun.

Unfortunately a few girls got pounded a couple of times but they never gave up.  I do not even have to post the next shot, oucchchhhhhh!!!

The girls were not the only ones getting pounded today.  How about this guy getting into the washer machine!

As I said before, we didn’t have many lefts rolling in, but we did have some decent ones every once in a while.  There are always nice and fun waves to ride in Nicaragua, even with onshore winds!

Toni charging hard on this set.  Just loving the view!!!

The beach was no crowded at all, we just had a few readers doing their thing and enjoying the action.  Is that Chris looking down the line on this right?  Wooo, he was very active today!

Did we mention that the water was crystal clear?  Check out this wave and figure out yourself how clear it was.

That’s all for today folks, please check back tomorrow!

This just in, Surfari Charters Crew took the VA Pue out and they played their best game out there.  Sick Pez Vela getting close to the Panga!

It is so nice to see that thing jumping all around.  Thanks for sending these pics in folks, keep up the good job. SUBUUUUUUUUU!!!

The crew was so stoked to hook and release this guy today. Photo to keep the memory? Ohh yeahhh!!!