Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello good afternoon, this is the tuesday surf report. The swell drop a little bit today and the wind is low. The waves are friendly right now. The rights are the best one. Some good barrels are rolling. Check it out.

The people come here to surf usually per a week. So every week we see new faces ripping in the lineup. Here is one of them.

His surfboard was about a feet far of his foot and he landing this trick. Sick bro!!!

I know we go to have sick photos of you the next days. If you see one of the NSR photographer taking photos on the beach, go big.

That wasn't easy. We need to know your name.

A lot of pretty girls are here getting fun waves and making look the waves so much better.

A couple from South Africa are here falling in love with the waves and his love is growing also. How not? if they are in so beautiful place.

Paaaaaaa Mmmmm!!!! Ok. Maybe he is a professional from Hurley.

This surfer is using one of the sick surfboard from Firewire( The Vanguard Tomo ). He look really fun using this machine.

Ok. Amigos. The tide is perfect right now to use a funboard and I have a surfboard superfish 6'2" who it is waiting for me. So see you later primos. Armando lopez is out.