Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello, here is Armando Lopez with the friday surf report. I was walking to the beach to see how are the waves and check it out what was going on!!!.The tide and the offshore wind were mixing perfect during the high tide.

This peak woke up again and start to build waves overhead. The water temperature is awesome and the water have a killer color.

In the morning the waves were good, but not like is now in the afternoon. Check this wave of this visitor.

This right have some green tubes, rolling with fire. Some waves are breaking fast, but the biggest in the sets are breaking slow.

Here is one of the best surfer of this beach getting one of the best waves during this surf session. This wave looks around the eight feet high if we compare with the Mateo size.

The only surfer riding the lefts was Andy Cortez. He sometimes come to visit us from the neighborhood village. He was looking to do more turns, but this wave give just chance for tubes.

Some of the visitors were getting into nice green barrels. They probably will be dreaming all day about what they see inside this green pipeline.

The medium size waves were rolling close to the beach, so this is why were rolling faster. The sets break very outside in the first sand bank, that main there is a swell here.

We have a situations going on in this beach break, I want to show you what it is. The best waves normally are good if you take from the peak. The rule of the surfer is ( If you are in the peak, you own the wave ). So, what is the most gentle of we can do when some one like to burn the waves of everybody?.

Here is Parker and Mateo riding the same wave. What you can do if someone made that to you?

Well, in wherever place you go to surf you should know there are some rules and if you break the rules you probably need to pay for the consequence. So try to be nice in wherever surf spot you are and you don't will have problems. Nicaragua have a good friendly locals, if you are good all the doors will open, but if you come rude the door probably will close in your face.

The beach have other right working with less size but really tubular. Here is Arlin looking inside this pretty wave.

My friends. We are famous for have the best lefts waves in C.A., but all this waves are coming making just good rights. We probably have some lefts coming soon when a swell of 212* come in the next week. Have a good day. Armando Lopez is out.