Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The season is in Full Effect down here in Nicaragua.  The surf is pumping, the fish are biting and the Party is on for Semana Santa.  It's also Quesitos' B-day today!  (Happy B-day Quesitos!)  There's no better time to be here and we are stoked!  We got this fresh photo in from our friends at Surfari Charters who just tagged the first Sailfish of the season.  Nice work guys!  Stay tuned later for the rest of today's report.

NSR is proud to introduce our brand new and sick long sleeve rash guards.  They are available in both of our shops (Iguana and San Juan del Sur) and they are sweet.  These are the colors we have right now and they are made of very high quality material.

We also just brought down a new package of brand new boards.  7’6, 7’10 funboards and a couple of 9’2 NSP longboards are some of the boards that are going to be part of our quiver.  Remember, that we have brand new boards for sale and we can bring them straight to your house down here in Nicaragua.

Everybody loves our Jerseys and that’s why we decided to come out with a couple of new colors.  They are also available in any of our shops.  Juan up on the left looking tight and sexy, that’s because we have some small sizes right now that will fit your sons.  Sick Blue Jerseys all sizes available, Oliver down on the left wearing the classic Raiders style colors and last but no less our also sick light blue jerseys.  Get the perfect present for any of your pals, sons or your wife!

Alright, Eric and D-Lite posting up today's surf report.  The waves were fun today, coming in at waist to head high.  It was super hot out today, so a great day to be in the water and cool down!  Here's an undisclosed nicaraguan point break!

This guy was surfing well this afternoon, pulling into the shade on this hollow section!  That camera on the nose of the board could have a good shot!

I don't think this girl even realized the barrel potential just a few steps away from her!

This guy for sure noticed the tube on this wave.  This is where you start getting excited!

Arrgghhh!  I should have pulled into that thing!!

Danahas a good tube shot coming up, first we'll post this shot of his shuv-it grab air!

This tree washed up on the beach and it's huuuge!  Makes for a good seat right in front of the waves...Or a good fire at night!

Scott and Malia (airborne) were escaping the heat by hanging out in the pool.  Scott...testing to see if Malia can fly!

Dana with by far the best barrel of the day..  We've got the whole sequence man, that was insane!!  It was just one of those gems!

We'll end today's report with another empty wave.  Check out that tube section!!!  It was a great day, the winds blew offshore all day and the sets had some juice!  Check back tomorrow, the waves should be fun once again!  Thanks for checkin' us out here at NSR,  this is Eric and D-Lite and we're out!

...and before we sign off, we wanted to give a big NSR shout-out to Heather who celebrated her b-day today!  We fired up the Dirty Sanchez and found our own little peak to surf this afternoon.  It couldn't have been more perfect conditions and we even caught a few fish on the way home!  Happy B-day Cheeze!