Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hi everybody I'm Jairo "Come Pan Panic" with the weekend surf report, today we headed out up north to score a couple of good waves because we have a new swell showing up today.  It's overhead on sets the wind is offshore, the water is still cold and the jellyfish got back to the action today.  Check it out.

There were a lot of perfect right coming in like this one and nobody take them.  As always we say the best waves with no taker. 

There were a couple of guys having so much fun out there sharing some sick rights each other.  This is Carlitos "El Gordito" from California getting a nice barrel.  This guy was stoked today, because he was surfing one of the best beach break in Nicaragua.  Hey buddy check you out you are on NSR!!!

As I said before there were a tons of  huge jellyfish all over the place.  Here is a shot to prove it.

Armando "El Codo" Lopez was part of our trip today, this guy was out there for a few hours because the jellyfish were doing their thing on "Codo's body.  Here he is taking off on a nice left.

Today we have our friends from FL down here in Nicaragua having a great time and scoring some sick waves today.  This is Drew "El Capitan Cafe" taking one of the best set of the day.  Here he is getting a sick and huge green room.  This is what you get when you have good waves and the NSR's photographers taking photos of you, check out the sequence

Here he is ready to get into the huge green room.

Oh!! my god he is still inside the green room.   Keep it going buddy!!!

Here he come out clean and safe.

Check his arms up, this guy was praying inside the barrel.  Thank god for that gift.  this guy was stoke for that good sequence.   Check you out buddy you made it on NSR!!!

This is another friend, his name is Doug "El Gallo" riding a good looking left.  This guy was so stoke today because he never in his life has been surfing big waves like today.  Good job Boddy!!!


The rights were really working today.  Here is another empty one.  What a pity!!!

What about Nick "La Tortuga" from England taking off on a good right.  This guy was catching a couple of good ones today.  Check you out guy you made it on NSR!!!

Later on we decided to check out another surf spots and it was going off.  This is a shot of the scene today.  We are going to have more waves tomorrow, please stay tuned with us.  Jairo out!!!