Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another fun day of surf down here in Nicaragua.  The waves were running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, the winds were nice offshore with some occasional side shores during the day, and the water was nice and warm.  Check out the lineup!!!

Juan Yuca Panda took the camera out and he did a nice job with it today.  Some local knowledge on the first shot of the day. Way to go Carlitos!!!

There were some nice waves barreling in today, and this guy caught some of them.  Enjoying the view pal?

Quite a few other guys were ripping all over the place.  Marc from Fl blasting fins out with a sweet frontside aerial maneuver.

It was nice to see everyone out there having a blast.  Unknown rider working on his backside on this little nugget!

There were some quick but nice left handers coming in by the river mouth but nobody was out there.  Usually this wave is used to get sick water shot barrels for professional surfers.

Juancito Yuca Panda is improving his skills very well, day by day.  Nice looking shot from a cool angle.

More waves on tab for tomorrow, so please stay tuned with us!