Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is Lucha Libre Garcia with our Tuesday Surf Report.  The waves were kinda fun today, running about chest to head high on sets but the winds were a little weird, switching from offshore to sideshore the whole day.  Check out the lineup!!!

Even with the crazy winds pattern we had, we were able to score some sweet ones.  Here is caught this little kid nabbing a sick peeler.

Since the waves were no barreling in the morning everyone out there was ripping all over the place.  This is Marc from Fl attacking this section in the inside.

Did I mention that the winds were a little strange?  Tony kept his camera in home and paddled out to score some.  Check him out getting through a gnarly section on this right.

The winds got good for about 30 minutes and then changed again. How about this guy picking up a nice and clean little nugget.

This guy was throwing some big man fun sprays all over.  Sick frontside hack for the camera!

Carlitos gained the barrel of the day.  Here we have a short but cool sequence.  Shot 1, pumping the breaks!

Shot 2, one of the many shots where he is totally shacked!

Shot 3, safe and clean folks!

Our friends over at Surfari charters hosted the Waves for Water team last week.  W4W is a non-profit organization founded by professional surfer Jon Rose and supported by Hurley International.  This project brings water filter systems to remote areas lacking clean water and have changed the lives around the world.  One community filter can supply clean water to 100 people per day- pretty rad!   NSR and Surfari Charters will be teaming up and bringing filters to some local areas in need.  For more info on the W4W project, check out the following link: http://www.wavesforwater.org/mission/
Check out the photos below.  Big shout out to Surfari and W4W!!

Getting the work done!

The kids are also doing their thing at the school.  Doing the right thing!

Cheers everyone!

Alright folks, that’s all for today.  Please check back tomorrow.