Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 18, 2008

Hi folks, it's Lucha Libre with the surf report.  Today we headed out up north to take a couple of good shots of our friends from Fl.  We have super fun head high sets coming in, the wind is strong offshore and the water is chilly up here.  Check it out.

This is Buddy taking advantage on a sweet set waves.  Check out his style move to get some speed on the big board. 

The kids were charging out thre today and having so much too.  This is Jakeh getting into a nice shack.

How about N8 with a sick out the lip shot.  These two kids are 15 years old and were so stoke because they knew that they were going to make it on today.

This is MO the most talkative guy of the crew.  Here he is riding a nice left.  This guy is around 60s and still charging.

How about his old friend David, he's about the same age than Mo.  There he goes taking a nice clean set.

There is always a ripper in each crew.  This is Danny with a sweet vertical maneuver.   Maybe he will need a massage as soon as he get back home.  Did you hear that honey?

This is Tim, the happiest guy of the crew.  He's always laughing, not matters about what.  Here he is doing his thing.

Here is Dave taking off lately on a nice wave.  This guy was enjoying so much this session because he loves the lefts, specialty if it is a point.

This is Jaimito "El Cartero" with one of the best shot of the day.  Check out the big spray on that thing.  By the way, nice background.  Isn't it?

This is Gray getting into a nice shack.  This guy was killing it today, getting barrels all over the place.

Here we have Junior "La Juliana" Martinez going off the top.  This guy is only 18 years old and he's a good surfer.

Alright folks, that's all for today.  The swell is still building for the next couple of days, so stay tuned with us.