Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 17, 2011

What's up everyone!  This is Eric with another daily surf report from somewhere up north.  The waves are still a little on the small side.  A great day to get wet and enjoy the ocean though.  Waves were coming in at about chest high with light offshore winds and the water could not have felt better!

This is Trevor, he was owning this wave today. It was a little mushy but he was still ripping vertical turns all over the place!

Scott owns a place down here and he has been surfing this wave for awhile now.  Here he is with a sweet cutback, burning some speed at the end of this wave!

Carlos has been growing up on this beach and he's had his share of epic days out here.  Still not too jaded to paddle out when it's small and rippable!

Unknown surfer with a radical disaster on this little ola.  This guy was surfing well in these small waves, maybe he's a floridian?!

Looking down the beach at an empty peak that looked super fun.  If you come to Nicaragua, there are plenty of waves that break with nobody in sight.  You just have to go find them!  Oh yeah, we can help with that too.

Same unknown surfer, different wave that he's shredding.  Nice backside style man!

The only girl that was surfing this wave today was surfing well.  Here she is with a smooth turn on this little lefthander.

Little guy...Big slide.... Nice turn little man!   That's all for today.  We should see an increase in swell for tomorrow.  We'll be sure to bring you a live report, straight from the beach to your computer, wherever you are.  Thank's for checking us out here at NSR.  Take it easyyyyy everybody!