Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello everybody this is the sunday report. Today the surf contest is over and this is the condition and the result. The waves keep the same size, same shape and a lot of emotion for all the contender.

All the friends and population around come to enjoy the surf contest. The bar have a nice ambience. We was in the rancho.

One of the best surfer around here is Sean Pearson that was the only one did air 360* in the final.

No is a surprise that Chulin wind the longboard today. He was taking the best waves in his heat.

Popoyo now show his best card. Here is Juan Lopez the contender ripping every single waves, He is radical and fluid. We need to see what he do in the next tipe of wave around Nicaragua.

One of the best trick today we have Kevin Cortes, he didn't make the air 360* but he did this sick flouter.

Look like nice wave first and after try to close and this is what he think is the best decision.

Have the collision with the wave lip and landing.

I know only two person can do that. Me and him.

Done, he no was the champion but he do the best in his final.

Another local is Manuel Resano Father of the Resano daughters. He was doing verticals trick in this part of the wave where no one can do.

For second time again Valentina Resano keep the first place in female category.

My good friend Chulin win the first place in longboard category and his good friends Pedro follow him in second. Now they are one to one for the national circuit.

Our team NSR have Oscar Espinoza in second place. The first one was Mr Jackson Obando in the Sub 16.

In the Junior sub 18 the local guy Juan lopez have the first place. Congratulation.

A good celebration happens when the international championship have the result. Sean pearson and his friend used the Tona beer in the podium.

The open category is the most important and Sean pearson is owner of the first place. He have a good price in money. For sure he go to spend all tonight.

We want to say thank to Paso Pacifico, Cesar medina, Dexter and the jury for all the effort put into the making of this great event. Armando Lopez is goind to the closing party.