Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 14, 2014

Filling in swell, offshore winds and almost empty lineup.  Yes friends, we barely had 3 guys in the water today, maybe everybody got scared or nobody wants to surf big waves.  Check it out!

There were definitely some nice sized sets out there but no many chargers.  You gotta go right amigo!!!

But some guys just back off and left the waves rolled by themself.  Come on, you had to go on this one muchacho!

Killer rights to be taken but nobody wanted them.  What a shame!

Definitely some nice insiders were rollin' in and this guy did his best on them.  Pumping the breaks!

Cool drops for sure but nobody was really taking the better sets.  We are hoping to see Carlitos Calientes back in the water soon.

Did I say really nice sets?  Who want some of this?  Are you there Borrrador???????

This kid was having a good time on the insiders.  Check him out on the last action shot of the day with a cool little floater.

Please check back tomorrow!