Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How is it going folks?  This is Lucha Libre reporting from somewhere in the pacific coast of Nicaragua.  The waves were fun today, running well over head on sets with quite strong winds but still offshore.  Check it out!!!

The crowd was very light, we only had about 10 guys out all day long.  This is Bobby taking advantage first thing in the morning, just seconds away from the barrel section.

Pancho Sanchez got a break and was able to paddle out to catch a couple waves.  Here he is setting up for the barrel on this nice and heavy wave.

We had a few beginners charging out there in the lineup.  This is Mateo from Denmark getting drained on this one.  He’s only been surfing over a year and he’s already surfing at this heavy spot.  Congratulations my friend!

There were some juice waves coming in and Mr. Brown picked one some of them, hoping to get barrel sometime.  Here he is missing one of the biggest set waves of the day.  It was not easy to make it around that section, uh!

Gray got back to the action and scored quite a few good barrels. Check out this sequence I got of him on this sick left hander.  Shot 1, dropping in!

Shot 2, hand dragging!

Shot 2, hand dragging!

Shot3, pumping the breaks!

Shot 4, setting up for the green room!

Shot 5, behind the curtain!

Shot 6, do you guys think that was it?  Check out next shot!

Shot 7, another section?

Shot 8, getting deeper!

Shot 9, looking for the door!

Shot 10, clean and safe!

We had some serious drops to watch and enjoy today.  This is John showing us how is done.  That wave was at least double over head, don’t you think so? 

The wind was little strong later in the day but that didn’t even care to the guys from Virginia.  Here is one Mat looking down the line of this windy but nice sized left hander.

This guy was making some late drops as well, and pulling into some sweet right handers.  Here he is styling on his frontside tube ride.

Another member of the Virginia crew, they all were scoring fun waves all over the place.  Remember that I do have more shots of you folks, so make sure to shot us an email so we can get back to you with some cool pics.

Gray was also able to ride some backside barrels.  Here he is having a blast on this one.  Later on, he twisted his left knee pretty bad and he had to leave the beach.  Hey dude, we do not wish bad things to anybody but you know that you gotta pay some taxes some times.  Hope you get better man!

On the last shot of the day we have Olli “El Cebollin” looking good on this sweet peeler.  The swell is supposed to drop a little bit tomorrow but we guess it will be still over head on sets.