Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 02, 2022

Welcome back to the Saturday surf report from us here at SurfNSR! Barry has been enjoying his Spring Break from teaching the youth mathematics and scored some fun waves. Come check it out..

Barry charges waves well overhead when the season is on and the waves get XL

How cool if you're one of his students knowing that he charges it like that

Enjoy the rest of the year buddy we'll see you back down when summer break rolls around.

Take a look down the other side of the beach and see what if anything is happening down that way.

Don't look away for too long though or you'll miss Derek pulling in on some gems

Huge roundhouse to start the day on the dawn patrol session this morning.

and float into the rest of the weekend!

The current swell is on it's way out but we have some reinforcing swell rolling our way in a couple of days. Beyond that it looks like we should have consistent waist to head high waves and the winds are starting to mellow out so should be a fun month of April. Adios Amigos