Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 02, 2020

Hello all and welcome to Thursday's surf report, the conditions today were great and everybody that paddled out was putting on a show.

Big Scott with the big snap, thanks for talking me into a second session, so fun out there today.  

No shortage of barrels today either, see if you can guess who these next few pics are.

First mystery barrel surfer of the day.. hint- you already saw a picture of this big guy today.

Anybody know who that front foot belongs to?

How about that front foot? Did I mention the conditions were primo this morning?

Days like today are just about the norm when the season starts, could I be frothing any harder?

All the beachgoers had plenty to watch in the water.

In these times of Covid it's important to look out for your neighbor, sharing is caring and here are Scott and John living that mantra.

Peter finding time to hit the lip on his psychedelic colored board.

John Gillem dropping into a nice set wave on his TJ Firewire board.

Elvin with a little shade on his back this morning.. what do you think happens next?

If you guessed launching off the wave yeeew you got it! Sick one bro!!!

Carlos was putting it down out there this morning, sure makes it easy to capture some sick shots when everybody is charging.

The guys have this wave dialed and it shows.

Carlos with a fat floater on on this section before dropping back in full of stoke.

Bianca was out charging with the boys, she and her whole family are a bunch of shredders.

One more pic of Carlos @carlosdecolorados making the ocean look like a skatepark.

Thank you for checking out the surf report today, remember to wash your hands and take care of eachother. Please follow your local laws and guidelines about surfing, we are so blessed to have our beach open here in Nicaragua. Don't be a kook and go out at a closed beach and risk getting a $1000 fine for it. If there is anything the ocean teaches us it is patience, the waves will still be there when this pandemic is over. Our world is our home, and every human in it is our family.