Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 01, 2022

What up everybody! Thanks for cruising by to check out the surf report today, we got some energy in the water but this swell has been a weird one. Hoping this New Moon and swell bring the high tide up high enough to pull some sand and set the bars for the next swells coming. Alex shredding no matter the funky swell she still gonna score some fun ones.

Looks like a "Is the baby sleeping" sign language right there haha

How to handle the crumbling wave in front of you.. this guy knows what to do

The waves today never really shaped up, the wind was okay and offshore but the wave was just crumbling and not really throwing a lip much

Anytime you can paddle out in board shorts and catch waves within 50 feet of the shore it's gonna be fun, or just body whomp it and eat some sand

John getting in some surf today and looking nice and smooth gliding through the afternoon

Not slow cruising though, he was getting some speed and going for the launch through the view between the trees

Jeynner doing his own air show on the other side of the peak.. yeeeeew

Okay ya'll thank you for joining us for a recap of the afternoon, we got plenty more swell on the way for the coming weeks and months so keep tuned in and we'll keep providing that surf porn for ya. Hope you can join us this season! Adios amigos