Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hey folks, welcome back to your daily dose of Zen. Panga was windy this morning but there were still some set wave gems to be had.

Steve Hunt is visiting from England, is there a better way to maintain social distance then surfing sparsely populated lineups?

Alberto is no stranger to an empty lineup, often times I see Al paddling out at first light long before most have gotten out of bed!

Mike left Aspen when the mountain closed, he traded his skis for his surfboard a little early this year. Kinda like a reverse Johnny Tsunami plot.

Steve taking off on another one, I'm sure he is happy to ditch the suit with this nice warm Nica water.

Robin with a rad slash off the lip. Looking good my dude.

Here goes Bianca on a sweet right, something tells me these groms will be getting plenty of SurfNSR surf report coverage over the next couple weeks.

Emilien and Elise making their way to the waves, although it looks like Playa Colorado might be turning on down the way.

Didn't take long for Emilien to paddle out and find a gem.

Here is Elise on a nice one chasing down her brother. Wish my sister Holly was here with that trusty Skip Frye board we learned on as kids. So fun to catch waves with your friends and family.

I know everyone is keeping on their toes with all the news in the world right now, Emilien is keeping his toes on the nose.

I decided to cruise down the beach to see what I could see, here is Daniel watching big Scott get some.

Daniel paddled out for a quick session and put a couple waves under his belt before lunch time. Yesterday he was riding his LB backwards at Panga, today he's looking forward at what's coming up.

It's John's 18th birthday, if you see him today make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday. You can usually find him throwing buckets or packing tubes at Colorado.

Speaking of packing tubes, it turned on for about an hour and provided plenty of shade to be found on this hot day.

Here is Brett looking for that doggy door exit.

Michael in the pocket on his 7'6" Linden surfboard.

When it turns on you better be in the water, these waves were looking so fun my stomach was growling but I couldn't stop shooting.

Lots of surfers were able to get shacked today but only Chris was able to make it out.. that I saw anyway.

I guess with all restaurants and non-essential businesses closing down for a couple weeks we'll be seeing lots more of Chris making waves like this.

Daniel and I were on the beach watching and hooting "Yeeeeeeew!" seeing Chris flying out of this one.

And just like that he was swallowed up and gone..

Wait.. what.. no.. so sick! Yes!!! Psyched!

Winner winner Chicken dinner, wave of the day award goes to Chris today. When all these health concerns digress and life goes back to normal be sure to hit up Chris's spot Don Eloy's restaurant above the surf shop for some tasty foods, some cold brews, and live sports on the tube.

Well that's all for today, remember to get a daily dose of laughter, put your phone away while in the company of others, and be truly present in the moment. If this crisis teaches us anything let's hope that it is to genuinely appreciate each other. Love you guys and gals!!! Cruise back tomorrow for your daily dose of Zen.