Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hello and welcome back to the Saturday NSR surf report.  Today the waves were running knee to stomach high with an occasional chest high set.  The water was super clear and blue but a tad chilly.  Come on in and check it out.

A couple of rippers paddled out and put on a bit of a show.  A clean little turn on a clean little wave.

The wind was really light at times and you can tell by how glassy this little nugget is.  Grant having a go at it.

Every now and then a couple of decent sized sets would roll through.  Believe me when your shooting in the sun a wave like this looks so inviting.  I know I would have been stoked to be on this one.

This was the only wave I saw that opened up but man did this guy get a long tube ride.  It wasn't very consistant but when they came through it looked so fun.

There was a bit of a crowd, nothing major but you know how it goes,,,, the best ones usually go unridden.

This was probably the best wave of the morning.  It peeled all the way to the sand.  Our winds have been very strong for the last couple of months so It's so nice to see buttery conditions.  Tis the season.

As always we appreciate you checking in for your daily dose.  We should see signs of a new swell any day.  Check back in and see if tomorrow is the day.  We will be ready if it does show up.  Have a great day everyone.  PAZ!!!!!