Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bienvenidos everyone, to a fresh edition of NSR’s daily surf report!  This is Eric signing in one more time with the Tuesday surf update!  We are seeing some energy from the small swell that is expected!  Get out there and get some!

The lineup wasn’t too busy, but there weren’t too many waves slipping thru without surfers cruising with them. Plenty of waves to go around with the new pulses of swell coming in!

Early this morning before I took all these shots I had Jess get a few shots for me! What a way to start your day, getting in some empty beach break sessions!

Everybody knows Carlos Caliente as the friendly, humble fellow up at the NSR shop, if you’ve surfed with him you know the man gets into some good barrels as well! I’ve seen this guy charge massive waves when most want nothing to do with it! Huge thanks to you Carl for having me down to stay and work with the NSR family!

A lot of guys paddle out on big boards in hollow waves but not so often do they stand out like this muchacho. Take a seat and enjoy the view buddy!

Oh yes, we see some new swell in the water! So refreshing to have some size out there! It makes taking photos a lot more fun also!

India is one of our favorite women to surf with out here! She works in the local area, training people to enhance themselves physically on land and teaches surfing as well! Say hi to her when you see her around and don’t forget to check her out if you want some surf instruction!

I saw India pull into a bunch of tubes this morning but I like the bottom turn to off the lip sequence the best!

These kids were having a blast out there, catching some whitewater on the inside! They were worn out after there session and didn’t feel like carrying their boards back up the beach!

This guy was really handling the steep take offs and hollow closeouts well on that big blue tabla

Central American photo legend, Tony Roberts has been doing this for awhile! He started bringing a chair out to the beach with him! Not only does the guy surf with style but he takes his morning photo sessions in style too!

Another one of those local cats is young, Oscar Espinoza! He paddled out and started off his session with a couple long and perfect barrels! A few waves in he pulled into this beauty! Oscar definitely has the style game going for him!

Local standout, Jackson Obando was out there shredding! The locals at this beach are some of the coolest of locals that I’ve met anywhere. Despite their talent in the water they are all super humble and nice guys!

While we’re checkin’ the local kids out, I’ll post another shot of Jackson! Hitting the lip like he’s pulling a disaster in the pool on his skateboard!

Well amigos! If you’re not down here in Nicaragua with us I’m sorry to say you are missing out on a great time! The surf season is approaching fast and we will have plenty more barrels coming our way! Don’t forget to book your stay with NSR and get the best out of your surf vacation! This is Eric, signing off one more time! See you amigos lata on !!!