Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello and welcome to the daily surf report. We start this week with some small waves and strong offshore wind. The waves are coming consistent, but not more than shoulder high. Check it out.

There are two rights working good in the beach. India was taking some waves there and practicing her turns. Check it out.

Asi es....India is a pretty surf girl. She don't surf mushy waves anymore, she is surfing the tough waves in this zone.

Every three sets there are a left working. This peak have the bigger size and the left was rolling fast in the beginning, but low down in the middle. So was ride able in one part.

Some surfers were in longboard taking advantage of this friendly waves. Not there are to many people in the line up. The beach looks calm and silent.

The offshore wind was put in trouble to some surfers. The take off not was to bad, but some of the people in the line up are learning.

Check this wave. This surfer get a shack even in a small day in this beach.

A guy in a green short was the ripper today. He was founding some waves with good shape and making a tricks in every wave. So, he have a fun surf session.

We have a bad year of rain. The forest are soo dry and the animals are dying of thirst. Here is one of the biggest sloth bears who I ever see. And I saw big one in Costa Rica. this ejemplar is the new guest in one of our house. We are putting fresh water every day and making sure he is safe. Animals are sharing this planet with us, I think we need of them or something reciprocal. If someone of your see some animals walking around your house please, please try to help them because now they are in trouble.

Here is again the surfer with a green neon short. He know how ripping the waves in both ways.

But not just him was making some nice cuts. Here is another visitor making some noise in the line up.

Ok. amigos. Don't distracting!!!. Is a big swell coming soon for a lot of days. See you here in the lineup. Armando Lopez is out.