Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi folks, we are the NSR Family bringing you all the action for the Friday surf report.  The waves were super fun today, running about chest to shoulder high on sets with some sporadic head high waves with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

Today we are going to start with Jeremy from Canada, with a cool bottom turn on this nice sized right.  He was trying to get some of the better waves we had rolling in and he really scored many of them.  

There were a couple of waves barreling today, which doesn’t happen very often at this spot.  Here we have Gerardito “La Polita” Herrera getting shacked on this beautiful left hander. 

We met a few interesting people at the beach this morning.  Here is caught one of them having a blast on this nice peeler.  He’s name is Anthony and he is from Australia.

We had some of the best local surfers ripping all over the place.  This is our very good friend “El Coki” Brox with a cool backside turn on this left.  It was so nice to see you out there killing it my friend!

A few girls were able to paddle out to the lineup and they picked up some real nice ones as well.  This is Sulema from Spain looking good on this wave.  She was so stoked because she was able to score many fun waves all day long.

It was very cool to see everybody sharing the waves today.  We still have some waves to share with a few guys that were riding on sponges.  Check out Nestor “El Grillito” going off the top of this nice looking wave.

How about Manuel “La Bellota” Cascante digging a deep bottom turn on this left.  Everybody was so happy to ride many fun waves today after the few onshore winds we had.

We always have some sweet wipe outs every time we have some nice sized waves.  This is Charlie going over the falls on this one.  Check out the guys in the front learning how to do it!

On the last shot of the day we have “El Coki” Brox getting into a nice barrel section.  The waves should be still pretty fun tomorrow so please stay tuned with us!