Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hi folks, this is Jairo "Come Pan" with the surf report for today. This afternoon we headed out to maderas because we have a new swell in the water. It's running about head high to overhead on sets, the wind is offshore and the water is still a little bit chilly. Check it out the line up.

Today the local surfers were out there and they were having so much fun with the new swell in the water because the waves has been small for the last couple of weeks. Here we have Allan "La Prenda" Carcamo taking off on one of the good left in Machete pt.

This is Ashley "La Cenicienta" Bleylock paddling out too, this girl was scoring good waves today. Here she is riding a good right.

Pancho Sanchez was out there for a while taking some good ones like this left. Here he is with a good shot.

Today Machete pt was on fire and a couple of the local crew paddled out. Here is Oliver "El Jamon de Mono", this guy was ripping it up all over the place.

Our friend Norwing "El Pecaminoso" Estrella was part of the action today and he was surfing like a big man. Here he is taking off on one of the best sets of the day.

while the guys were having fun in the water, we have a lot of great people waiting for yet another cool sunset.

Rodolfo "EL Tablon" Zapata so excited with the new swell, that he was going for it extra hard. Hey buddy maybe the next time you gonna make it!!!

This is an Unknown rider charging today with his Panga. Here he is with a nice spray. Good job Pelonsito you made it on NSR this time.

More waves coming tomorrow, this is the last shot of the day. please check back tomorrow.